STOP IT!!! All these (stupid) new news newsgroups

Leif Andrew Rump andrew at
Sun May 13 07:22:41 EST 1990

The Newsgroups-list above is a lot shorter than than it should be but,
except for the general newsgroups, is all the groups complete insane!
I went through our active file and found a _LOT_ of active groups that
have been empty for quite a long time.

Well I'm not complaining because if they are not interesting I simply
unsubscribe to them (thanks to Kim Storm and his nn (No News is good
news) Hej Kim, hvordan har du det? He just released version 6.4.1)

Sorry! My "problem" is their is quite a lot of newsgroups around and
it is sometimes quite a task to find the interesting ones because of
all the "extra" ones! I can see that some people are trying to steam
up the flow, alt.fax.bondage (wasn't that april foul? One is funny but
not many!) bought the farm and other groups are going the same way!

Bottomline: Please accept the net rules and create only new newsgroups
when they are accepted by the net and you are going to use it!

Yours sincerely

Leif Andrew

Leif Andrew Rump, AmbraSoft A/S, Stroedamvej 50, DK-2100 Copenhagen OE, Denmark
    UUCP: andrew at (Please note name change), phone: +45 39 27 11 77
    Currently at SAS (Scandinavian Airline Systems), phone: +45 32 32 22 79

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