Bird Watchers Wanted

Norman C. Saunders NYS at nihcu.bitnet
Thu May 17 08:56:06 EST 1990

                             Birders Wanted

     A group  of dedicated  nation-wide birders  are looking for more of
their kind  for a Bitnet/Internet mailing list.  The purpose of the list
is to  trade transcripts  of local  rare  bird  alerts  as  they  become

     Currently the  following rare  bird alerts  are forwarded  to  list
members at least once per week:

     The Voice of the Naturalist, Washington, DC
     Wingtips, Harford County, MD
     The Cape May Bird Observatory Hotline, Cape May, NJ
     The Philadelphia BirdLine, Philadelphia, PA

     New Mexico Rare Bird Alert, Los Alamos, NM
     Phoenix Rare Bird Alert, Phoenix, AZ
     Tucson Rare Bird Alert, Tucson, AZ

     San Diego, CA, Rare Bird Alert
     Los Angeles, CA, Birding Hotline
     Northern California Birding Hotline, San Francisco, CA

     Detroit/Point Pelee Hotline, Detroit, MI

     Colorado Audubon Society Hotline, Denver, CO

     You are  welcome to  join our  mailing list  whether or not you are
able to  contribute transcripts from your area of the country but we are
most anxious  to expand  our coverage  to all  major U.S.  and  Canadian
regions.   Please note  that this  is not a chat list.  Although members
are  welcome   to  converse   with  each   other  via   private  E-Mail,
transmissions  of   non-transcript  material  to  the  entire  list  are
generally frowned upon.

     Interested in  finding out  more?   Contact either of the following
individuals for  further information  or to  have your name added to the

     Norman C. Saunders (East Coast)
          Bitnet:   NYS at NIHCU
          Internet: NYS at CU.NIH.GOV

     Chuck Williamson (Western)
          Bitnet:   CHUCKW at EVAX2
          Internet: CHUCKW%EVAX2 at

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