Common Feature Table Definition

"Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL Data Library FUCHS at embl.bitnet
Thu May 31 11:21:00 EST 1990

 Both EMBL and GenBank have announced the switch of their current (different)
 feature table formats to a common format for the end of this year.
 Due to an increasing number of inquiries the Feature Table Definition is
 now available from the EMBL File Server.

 Three versions are provided: Macintosh Word 4.0 format, PostScript and RTF.

 To get any of these files send a mail message to NETSERV at EMBL.BITNET
 containing the line

                  GET DOC:FT_DEFINITION.HQX
 for the Macintosh version (archieved with StuffIt)
                  GET DOC:FT_DEFINITION.PS
 for the PostScript version
                  GET DOC:FT_DEFINITION.RTF
 for the RTF version.

 Rainer Fuchs, Ph.D.
 EMBL Data Library
 fuchs at embl.bitnet

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