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Date sent:  14-NOV-1990 21:25:11

I am currently pursuing the following interests and research projects:

 Areas of interest: Regulation of Interferon Synthesis: Cellular & Molecular
                    Approaches; Expression of Oncogene(s) and Oncogene Products
                    in Breast Cancer; BS  & MS Training in Biotechnology

  Projects: Identification & Characterization of a Post-Transcriptional
            Regulator of Interferon Synthesis; Expression of Protein Tyrosine
            Kinase and Protein Kinase C in Normal, Benign and Abnormal Breast
            Tissue; Program & Workshop Development in In Vitro Cell Biology &

If anyone has similar interests, please send me a message. I am attempting
to put together a mailing list of contacts concerning these particular
areas. I will compile the responses and send them back to those that
respond. Thanks in advance.

        Bill :-)

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