Seeking help/advice on career possiblities

Alex Colburn colburn at
Wed Nov 7 12:58:38 EST 1990

	Since this seems to be the only group that combines both
computers and biology, it seems that maybe some of you could help
me with some career advice.   I am in the job hunting process, and
looking for a position in which I can combine both my biology and 
computer background.
	I have a BS in molecular biology, research experience with 
glucocorticoid hormone receptor structure and function, and a few
years of graduate work at the U of Iowa.  Currently I'm working on
another degree in Computer Science at Colorado state University.
Also last summer, I worked at Iowa's Image analysis facility, where 
I did manage to combine some aspects of biology with computers.  
	I'll have undying gratitude if anyone has any suggestions
as to where I should send resumes and such.  I really don't want
to give up my biology background, and most of the companies I've
talked to around here really don't do any biology (especially evolution)
					thank you,   Alex.
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