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sphaak sphaak at
Mon Nov 5 12:40:42 EST 1990

Hello Bionet World!!!

I was wondering if all of you overly-qualified and generous people out there
could give me some quick help with my science/school future...

I have been pursuing a degree in biochemistry for the past 3 years, so I have 
one more year left for my undergraduate degree.  I would then like to go on
to Grad school to get my Ph.D., hopefully on fellowship of some sorts or 
working for a company doing some research that would pay for Grad school.
My primary interests (and goals) are to be a Plant Geneticist, or something
related, though I also have a lot of interest in RecombDNATech and living
systems theory.  

What I would like to ask of all reading this is whether I should get a Biology
Major with a Chemistry Minor, a Chemistry Major with a Biology Minor, or go
straight for a Biochemistry Degree?  Which is most marketable for jobs and 
Grad school??  Also, are there any particular classes I should be sure to 
take, that most students seem to be lacking in before entering a Grad program
in Biotech/Biochem?

I would like to go to Harvard, Cornell, McGill, UofMich, or maybe overseas
to UofK (Copenhagen), or elsewhere in Scandia or U.K.  Any knowledge on these
schools, their programs and requirements, would be most appreciated  :-).

Thanks in advance for all of your help.

e-mail me or post here (if you'd like to start a Grad school session!).

Steve Haak
sphaak at
Biochemistry Dept.
Oakland University
Rochester, Mich.  (too close to Detroit!)

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