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Resource file:         HSPNET INTRODUCTION

*  Hospital Computer Network Discussion Group and Data Base
[Update #2.  Nov 20, 1990]

 (ALBNYDH2 is a new BITNET node located at the New York State
Department of Health, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12201 (For
info. Attn. D.F. Parsons, Room C200, Wadsworth Center for
Laboratories and Research.  Tel: (518)474-7047; Fax: (518)474-
8590). E-mail: Bitnet- DFP10 at ALBNYVM1 or DFP10 at ALBNYDH2;
Internet: dfp10 at; UseNet: dfp10 at;
Compuserve: 71777,212).
*  Owner = DFP10 at ALBNYVM1 (Donald F. Parsons MD)
*  Editor= DFP10 at ALBNYVM1 (Donald F. Parsons MD)
     HSPNET-L provides consultation, a monthly digest, and a data
     base of hospital consultation networks.  It emphasizes
     restoration and extension of consulting for rural hospitals
     by connection to major medical centers.  All aspects
     (hardware, software, network design and logic, staff
     training, confidentiality of patient data, text encryption,
     legal liabilities, etc) will be covered.  Particular
     attention will be paid to existing networks both in USA and
     abroad. Transmission of text (e-mail and patient data
     packages, and compressed clinical image data (x-rays, CAT,
     MRI, HDTV - high definition TV, ultrasound, etc) will be
     discussed using a variety of land-line, satellite and
     computer-linked packet radio modes.  The cost-effectiveness
     of such distance-consulting will be reviewed (1) in the
     light of declining rural-hospital acute-care/trauma
     capabilities and of chronic care needing close monitoring
     (e.g. chemotherapy), and (2) the economic benefits of
     treating the patient in the home rural area rather than in a
     distant large medical center.
          On-line and off-line acute and chronic care consulting
     will take precedence over extension of library medical-
     literature computer searches, and over training programs
     (these services are already extensively available
     commercially).  However, in remote areas, with low
     accessability, or where there is a need for professional
     training at rural hospitals in order to regain full
     accreditation, they will be covered.  The highly successful
     State-wide specialized telephone switchboard services that
     provide rapid access to on-duty consultants, and also the
     use of Fax services for patient data will be covered.
          At the beginning of each month an electronic journal,
     "THE HSPNET-L MONTHLY DIGEST" (file: HSPNyymm DIG [e.g.
     HSPN9011 DIG]) will be sent to subscribers.  Also a series
     of summary files, papers, and several data bases (e.g.
     hospital network descriptions and contact persons for North
     America and other countries) will be maintained and made
     available by Listserv or FTP.

          To sign onto the list send the following command to
               SUB HSPNET-L (your full name) or to unsubscribe:
               UNSUB HSPNET-L ID at node address

          To obtain a file from the list send the following
     command to LISTSERV AT ALBNYDH2:
               GET HSPNET-L FILELIST
          If you do not have Listserv interactive capability or
     have other problems, send a request to the Owner
     (DFP10 at ALBNYVM1).

Donald F. Parsons MD, Wadsworth Center, New York State Dept.Health, Empire
State Plaza, Albany, NY 12201. (518) 474-7047, FAX (518) 474-8590.
Home: 150 Mosher Rd, Delmar, NY 12054. (518)439-0049. BITNET: dfp10 at albnyvm1 or
dfp10 at albnydh2. Internet: dfp10 at or dfp10 at
edu.  Compuserve: 71777,212.  Usenet: dfp10 at

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