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Fri Nov 9 15:15:32 EST 1990

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       This is just an announcement to let know the scientific community
in Europe and the U.S.A that Czechoslovakia has own NODE and can fully
use e-mail services.
      There are several people from the 3rd Medical Faculty of the
Charles University in Prague trying to have access to biologically and
medically related informations transmited on these lines. Any suggestions
will be highly appreciated. Suggestions for any resources to improve
educational standard and research in Czechoslovakia would be also
wellcomed on this e-mail address.
       I am sorry not to be able to transfer all informations for your
friends in Czechoslovakia. Please check netnames in Czechoslovakia.
However, very urgent messages could might be delivered. I believe
you can understand our limited capacity at this particular moment.
      Nice to spend time in Bionauts environment.

Milan JIRA, M.D., PhD.
3rd Medical Faculty
Srobarova 50, 100 34   Praha 10 - Kralovske Vinohrady
Czechoslovakia <ulimj at CSEARN>

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