Cliff Pickover CLIFF at IBM.COM
Thu Oct 25 09:08:49 EST 1990

This is for yet another book I am working on.  Thanks, Cliff


          You  are  hereby  cordially  invited  to submit 2-page manu-
          scripts to a book entitled The Pattern Book:    Recipes  for
          Beauty, edited by C. A. Pickover.  The book will contain se-
          veral  hundred  aesthetically  interesting patterns, some of
          which are generated by computer.   For each pattern  in  the
          book,  there  will  be 2 pages:  a one-page description fol-
          lowed by a page containing a figure or figures  illustrating
          the pattern.

          Although  many patterns will be computer generated, the pat-
          terns need not be created on a computer.    Typical  entries
          may  include  tiling  patterns, various symmetrical designs,
          synthesized or real patterns in nature, other biological and
          botanical  shapes,  recursive  or  chaotic  shapes,  various
          mathematically-derived   forms,   and   hand-drawn  artistic
          shapes.  The range of topics is  limitless.    For  example,
          pattern  number  1010  is titled: The Evolution of the Solar
          and Planetary Vortices, from Gabriel Daniel's  A  Voyage  to
          the World of Cartesius (1694).

          The book will exist, and may be requested from me, in photo-
          copy  form  until  several hundred patterns are contributed,
          and the book published.   The contributed patterns  will  be
          reviewed, and the chances of acceptance of your pattern will
          be increased significantly if your text is well written, and
          if  your  pattern  is  rendered  in  a high-quality form, is
          novel, and is attractive.

          Your name, address, and explanatory text  will  appear  with
          each  pattern,  and a panel of distinguished judges will se-
          lect the ten best patterns in terms of of novelty  and  aes-
          thetic   appeal.     These  patterns  will  receive  special
          recognition in the book.  Our board of judges includes:  Ian
          Stewart, European editor of The Mathematical  Intelligencer,
          Istvan  Hargittai, editor of Symmetry, A. K. Dewdney, author
          of The Touring Omnibus, Roger Malina,  editor  of  Leonardo,
          Ivars  Peterson,  Science News, Chris Langton, editor of the
          book Artificial Life, Peter Sorenson, Computer Graphics Edi-
          tor of Special Effects Magazine, and Alan Mackay, editor  of
          Speculations  in Science and Technology.  I would hope to be
          able to offer all contributors a payment from the publisher,
          but this would have to be finalized when a publisher is  se-

          The format for your submissions should be very carefully ad-
          hered  to,  and  you should request an "Instructions for Au-
          thors" guide.  If your pattern is accepted, you will receive
          a pattern identification number for your  pattern,  and  you
          may  request from me a photocopy version of all the accepted

          I look forward to hearing from you.

          Dr. Clifford A. Pickover
          The Pattern Book
          IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
          Yorktown Heights, NY  10598 USA
          Cliff at YKTVMV or Cliff at IBM.COM

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