Cliff Pickover CLIFF at IBM.COM
Wed Oct 24 14:17:01 EST 1990

For Your Interest -  Lecture at New York University
Title: "Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty"
Speaker: Dr. Cliff Pickover
Place: New York University, Meyer Hall, Room 122 (Physics Bldg)
       Washington Square West
Date: Oct 31, Wednesday, 4:30 - 6:00.
Get ready for a roller coaster ride through the unpredictable and
exciting universe of computer graphics.  Here the emphasis is on
creativity.  The talk presents novel techniques for displaying
complicated data in graphical forms that reveal hidden relationships and
highlight important patterns.  Sample recipes describe how to detect
patterns in phenomena as diverse as animal vocalizations, molecular
vibrations, and the DNA sequences of cancer-causing genes.  The final
part of the talk illustrates methods for visualizing the exotic
manifestations of chaotic behavior.  Here is a smorgasbord of topics,
including chaotic eggs decorated with intricate tilings, plant grown,
spirals in sea shells and galaxies, ornamental textures, biological
forms spawned by feedback loops, 3-D strange attractors, cellular
automata and fractal models of terrain and turbulent processes.  200
computer generated images will be shown.

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