Proposal for Human Chromosome 22 Electronic Newsgroup

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Fri Oct 26 07:58:40 EST 1990

In article <CMM.0.88.656637413.kristoff at> biovote at writes:
>I have received the following proposal to form an electronic bulletin
>board for the chromosome 22 community.  Under BIOSCI regulations,
>proposals are put to a vote of our readership (as described below) and
>at least 40 "yes" votes must be obtained within 60 days before the
>group can be established.  Voting is now open and the voting addresses
>are given below.  Votes must be received by 21 December 1990.

I am in favor of creating such a newgroup, but it should be pointed out
that the guidelines for creating a USENET newgroup are more stringent than
stated above.  First, there is to be a 30 day discussion period , then
a call for votes.  The votes must be scored as follows:

3) AFTER the waiting period, and if there were no serious objections that might   invalidate the vote, and if 100 more valid YES/create votes are received
   than NO/don't create AND at least 2/3 of the total number of valid votes
   received are in favor of creation, a newgroup control message may be sent
   out.  If the 100 vote margin or 2/3 percentage is not met, the group should
   not be created.

See news.announce.newusers for a complete discussion of this.  BIONET is part
of USENET and clearly benefits from USENET resources.  We should abide by
USENET guidelines.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are my own; your vote determines the 
opinions and policy of the United States government.

David J. States            National Center for Biotechnology Information
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