Effects of dental mercury on the kidneys

Raja K. Sarma demorks at iitmax.IIT.EDU
Fri Oct 26 22:43:07 EST 1990

	I apologize for my previous posting it apparently 
got messed up so this is the second posting on the 
same title.
	This posting is on behalf of a friend of mine
who has no access to USENET.
    What is the significance if the glomerular filtration 
rate (G.F.R.) of the kidneys is reduced to one half ?
This happens in primates who had dental mercury fillings
placed in their teeth.This G.F.R. returns to normal
after the mercury is removed.

Any answers are appreciated.


Raja Sarma
(demorks at iitmax.iit.edu)

Just for humor:
	Answers must be faster than MEDICARE repayments !!!

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