Proposal for Human Chromosome 22 Electronic Newsgroup

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Mon Oct 22 18:16:53 EST 1990

I have received the following proposal to form an electronic bulletin
board for the chromosome 22 community.  Under BIOSCI regulations,
proposals are put to a vote of our readership (as described below) and
at least 40 "yes" votes must be obtained within 60 days before the
group can be established.  Voting is now open and the voting addresses
are given below.  Votes must be received by 21 December 1990.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at


     This is the first electronic announcement of intent to establish an 
electronic bulletin board on the topic of Human Chromosome 22.  The 
bulletin board will be accessible to all persons that use electronic mail 
-i.e. an international group.  Although the exact nature of the bulletin 
board will evolve with use, its primary purpose will be to allow more 
frequent contact among persons interested in items related to chromosome 
22.  This includes persons interested in the human genome program of 
mapping and sequencing chromosome 22, as well as persons interested in 
specific genes, chromosomal abnormalities and disease phenotypes related to 
22.  It can be a forum to distribute information concerning new clones, 
references, cell lines, genes, polymorphisms, and scientific meetings 
related to chromosome 22.
     The proposed electronic bulletin board will be part of the 
international BIOSCI bulletin board network.  To become a reality, forty 
different people with distinct e-mail addresses must reply to this 
announcement within two months.  These responses must be sent to one 
of the "biovote" addresses below (depending upon your location/network).

ADDRESS                   LOCATION                NETWORK

biovote at    Ireland                 EARN/BITNET

biovote at   United Kingdom          JANET

biovote at         Sweden                  Internet

biovote at   U.S.A.                  Internet/BITNET

[NOTE: Users in other parts of the world should contact either the
BIOSCI node in Ireland or the U.S.A. depending upon which one they can
access easily.]

Please forward this notification to all persons in your group or 
institution that may be interested in participating, but may fail
to see this electronic announcement.  The following persons may also be 
notified if you have questions or suggestions concerning the bulletin 

Beverly S. Emanuel, Ph.D.                Robert L. Nussbaum, M.D.
Chairman Chromosome 22, HGM11            Nussbaum at A1.MSCF.UPENN.EDU

Nat L. Sternberg, Ph.D.                  Nancy S. Shepherd, Ph.D.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

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