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Cliff Pickover CLIFF at IBM.COM
Fri Oct 26 14:00:26 EST 1990

Rather than receive a lot of separate queriers about the "Instructions
for Authors" for the Pattern Book in this forum and my mail box, why
don't I post it once here.  To get an idea about what these class of
patterns look like, see Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty (1990) St.
Martin's Press, NY.  ISBN 0-312-04123-3.


          Each  submission consists of two pages:  one page is single-
          spaced explanatory  material,  professionally  written,  and
          with  references as needed.  A separate page contains a fig-
          ure or figures.  Below is the precise format which  must  be
          followed for the text page:

          1st Line - Pattern Name  (Left justify the following introductory lines.)
          2nd Line - Blank
          3rd Line - Author's name (Titles such as Ph.D., M.D., etc. may be used)
          4th Line - Author's address, placed on a single line.
          5th Line - Continuation of address if necessary.
          Next Line - 2nd Author (if applicable).
          Next Line - 2nd Author's address (if applicable).
          Next Line - "Key words: (e.g.) fractals, genetics, botany, tiles, ... "
          Next Line - Blank

          Begin  your  text  with words similar, if not identical, to:
          "Described here is a pattern showing..." Your text may  con-
          tain  a  few-sentence  introduction to the general field and
          how your work differs from others.  Include, where  applica-
          ble,  the equations used to generate the figures in the text
          of your article.   You may include  computer  algorithms  or
          pseudocode.  If your graphics give interesting insights, let
          the  reader know.   If you are making just slight variations
          on a previously published pattern, give ample credit to  the
          prior publication.

          Describe  and  refer  to each of your figures.  For example,
          "Figure 1 shows..." or "The Figure shows..."  Make your fig-
          ure as large as possible.  References - you may wish to list
          a few references in the field you are working in at the bot-
          tom of your paper.  If you use references, skip a line after
          the text of your article, and left-justify the header  "Ref-
          erences".   Beneath this header, list the references.  Refer
          to references in your text by  number.    References  should
          look like:
          1.  Barratt, K. (1980) Logic and Design in Art, Science, and
          Mathematics.  Design Press:  New York.
          2.  Kirsh,  J.,  Kirsh,  R.  (1988)  The anatomy of painting
          style:  description with computer  rules.  Leonardo.  21(4):

          Your  second page containing the figure(s), should contain a
          short "legend" or title for each figure, beneath the figure.

          The photocopy version of the book cannot  contain  color  so
          your  submissions should be in high-quality black and white.
          In the event that a book publisher can  publish  color,  you
          may  supply  an  alternate  page with color figures, which I
          will retain in my files.

          All contributors must sign the release form.


          Copyright    for   the   article   (and   figure)   entitled
          by ________________________________________________________
          on the date ____________
          is hereby transferred to Cliff Pickover, or to his appointed
          publisher, who will have the right to distribute, copy,  and
          publish  this article.  The author declares that the article
          is free of all copyright restrictions on both text  and  il-
          lustrations.  When C. Pickover uses this article in a publi-
          cation,  the  author  will  be  properly cited.   The author
          reserves the right to use all or part of this article in fu-
          ture works of his own and the right to reproduce the article
          for his own purposes.

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