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Dan Davison davison at MENUDO.UH.EDU
Wed Oct 3 14:21:48 EST 1990

Dave Kristofferson sez:

> There was a rather extended discussion of electronic publication on
> the BIO-MATRIX (bionet.molbio.bio-matrix) newsgroup about a month back
> and the subscribers on that newsgroup were quite interested.  In fact
> at the MATRIX meeting in July, there was talk of starting an
> electronic journal for the BIO-MATRIX organization, but the press of
> everyday affairs appears to have kept much from happening since then.
> I would suggest continuing this discussion in that forum since the
> subscribers had many excellent suggestions and some may not subscribe
> to BIONEWS (bionet.general).

I have complete archives of these discussions.  I can make them
available if folks want.  I don't think they should be posted as they
are 58Kb in size.  Should I put them up on the UH Gene-Server?

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