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The following Drosophila genetic database is now available via
anonymous ftp to iubio.bio.indiana.edu, cd [archive.fly], 
mget clonelist.*

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DROSOPHILA GENMAPS DATABASE                          README p.1 of 3

Merriam, John R.; Johnsen, Joy A.; Lee, Geunbae.

Biology Department, University of California, Los Angeles
815 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90024-1606
        Ph: (213) 825-2256  FAX (213) 206-3987
        BITNET: ibenapr at oac.ucla.edu

sources of information in Drosophila melanogaster genetics.  The
subject coverage is limited to genetics research done with
molecular biology techniques where genetic information has been
localized on the cytogenetic map.

DOCUMENT TYPES.  Sources of information include journal articles,
conference reports and personal contacts.  

DATES OF COVERAGE.  The project began in 1983 and contains
references dating back to 1980.

DATABASE SIZE.  The database now includes 708 references leading
to 2347 pieces of localized genetic information.  The project
locates sources through bibliographic searches, attending
meetings, and soliciting contacts.  We are currently reviewing
our coverage of the journal literature using bibliographic
databases.  We expect the size of the file to double after we
have completed our review.

ACCESS IN PRINT.  The most current printed reports are published
in the following two sources:

        Genetic Maps 1990 5th edition, edited by S.J. O'Brien.
             Cold Spring Harbor Press.  (September 1989 report)

        Drosophila Information Service 68 (DIS 68) in press for
             Winter 1991.  (updated April 1990 report)

PERSONAL ACCESS.  Dr. Merriam will handle questions sent via FAX,
mail, or telephone calls.

REPORTING INFORMATION.  We have included our report form on pg. 3
for community use (72 characters wide x 59 lines long).  We
encourage researchers to summarize their research as it is
published and send the form to us; this gives a more accurate
representation of their work.

SUPPORT & AFFILIATION:  The database project is funded by the
National Library of Medicine on NIH grant LM04896.
Don.Gilbert at Iubio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
biocomputing office, indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405, usa

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