Advice for Prospective and New Graduate Students

Marshall Dermer dermer at
Sat Oct 13 11:11:11 EST 1990

Each year at least one of three students drops out of graduate programs.  Some
leave quickly; others endure years of increasing frustration.  I have written
a manuscript in the form of an open letter to prospective and new graduate
students in experimental psychology that presents important advice regarding
choosing an advisor and other important decisions in graduate school.  As
an associate professor within a department of psychology I know my advice
is appropriate for psychology.  I believe that my advice is also appropriate
for other small-laboratory sciences.

I have come to believe that it is very unlikely that any academic journal
will publish my manuscript because of discussions of taboo aspects of
academic life.  I am thinking about expanding the manuscript so that it 
would be the basis for a small book. The market for the book would be
students in small-laboratory sciences.  I'm looking for the following help:

1. Faculty in biology, physics, and chemistry who conduct small-laboratory
   research who might review the mansucript (it is only about 40 pages
   long).  I'm looking for ways that the manuscript ought to be modified
   to help students in these areas.

2. References to related work.

3. Good advice that might augment the advice that I have already presented.

I can send a copy of the manuscript to you over BITNET.  You can share it
with students, friends, etc.

Thanks for your interest in this project.

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