What/who is bionet

Robert Harper harper at finsun.csc.fi
Wed Sep 19 00:34:59 EST 1990

In <9009190312.AA08209 at lash.utcs.utoronto.ca> clark at mshri.utoronto.ca writes:

>	Perhaps Dave Kristofferson could modify the newsgroup so that the 
>appropriate return address is included? One further point. The return 
>address of the poster is often not decipherable by a network novice, so why 
>not include it after you signature to make it easier?

The set up at BIONET is that when anyone replies to a posting it goes
to the original poster rather than the list. I suppose this is a throw
back to the old days of BIONET, where you had to protect a scientist from
making a fool of himself in public.

On the BIOSCI lists at IRLEARN the default is REPLY to LIST... so if
any one on BITNET/EARN reads a message in their mailbox and does a REPLY
to it then it will automatically be distributed to all the subscribers.

I suspect however that many people in North America read the BIOSCI
BBOARDS as NEWSGROUPS on some USENET newsreader. In which case a REPLY
sends the reply back to the original poster. If people would use
the FOLLOWUP command then their reply would go back to the NEWSGROUP,
and a POST would allow them to enter a NEW entry.


Rob "never mind the quality feel the width" Harper

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