3D Computer Graphics Offer

Cliff Pickover CLIFF at IBM.COM
Mon Sep 24 09:35:44 EST 1990

3D Computer Graphics Offer

In order for me to assess a versatile (personally-developed) scientific
visualization program, I would be interested in possible collaborations
with some of you who read this form.

It may be possible for me to rapidly provide you with a color hardcopy,
transparency, and 35 mm slide of any 3D graphics you may need to
represent.  Beautiful and artistic colored lighting, shading, hidden
surface elimination all taken care of.

We would work out "credit" details on an individual basis.
I can basically render anything for you that can be specified in
terms of triangular facets, spheres, lines, cylinders, or altitudes
as a function of x and y.

- Cliff at IBM.COM or CLIFF at YKTVMV (Bitnet)

P.S. You can get an idea of the quality of output by observing 3D
graphics of this program in any of the following:

Pickover, C. (1990) The World of Chaos. Sept/Oct.
Computers in Physics. 4(5):460-470 (just published).

Norris, R. (1990) Drawing on nature's design.  OMNI magazine.  February,

Dewdney, K. (1989) Computer recreations. Catch of the day:
biomorphs on Truchet tiles, served with popcorn and snails.
July. Scien. Amer.

Connor, S. (1990) Snapshots through a window on evolution.  Independent
on Sunday.  July 15, 1990.  pg.  43.  (UK)

Simple Beauty, Computer Graphics World (1989) Nov.  12(11):  78-81.

Sorensen, P. (1990) Exploring graphics. Technology Review.
August/September. 76-77.

Pickover, C. (1989) A short recipe for seashell synthesis.
EEE Computer Graphics and Appl., November 9(6): 8-11.

"Mathematical Beauty". Supercomputing Review (Sept. 1990) pages 69-73.

Cover Photo, CERN COURIER, 30 July/August (1990).

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