What/who is bionet

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Thu Sep 20 12:26:59 EST 1990

> However, while composing this response I noticed that the newsgroup
> was listed as bionet.followup rather than bionet.general, so I changed
> it.  Further, there was no followup: newsgroup given, so I added
> bionet.general.  Was this good?

What you are experiencing is a bug in your particular version of the
news software.  You took the correct action of editing the address as
above but, when the software is working correctly, you should have
your followup automatically addressed to the correct newsgroup.  If
you see "bionet.followup" in your mail header when composing your
followup to a message, you need to get a patch for the program.  Eliot
Lear is on vacation this week, but I'll ask him to post something
about this when he gets back.  He can also be reached at
lear at genbank.bio.net.

				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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