Video Densitometry

allenk at snoopy.Colorado.EDU allenk at snoopy.Colorado.EDU
Thu Sep 13 11:54:09 EST 1990

I'm looking for an image analysis program running on UNIX that will allow
me to do video densitometry on digitized images of polyacrylamide gel
electrophoresis gels.  What this means is I will be working with an image
with a series of 'bands' of varying intensity, and I will need to be able
to draw a line through this image and get a plot of intensity versus distance
along this line, a plot that should contain a series of peaks corresponding to 
the bands on the original gel.  Next I need to quantitate the data by 
integrating the area under each of these peaks.  Is there such a program
floating around in one of the anonymous ftp archives, or otherwise available
for use on a UNIX machine?  There are a few such programs to run on the
Mac, but I don't have access to a machine that will handle the necessary
grey scales.

Thanks in advance,

				Keith Allen
				University of Colorado
				Internet: allenk at

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