'Face' representations of nucleic acid sequences

Dr. R.J. Beynon SB06 at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Sep 3 08:36:07 EST 1990

Sometime ago I recall an article on representation of nucleic acid structures
using something similar to Chernov (?) representations of multivariate data
using face cartoons. The idea seems daft, but objective tests have proven that
humans are particularly good at associating facial expressions, and of, for
example, identifying 'strangers' in a data set.

Can anyone help me with a reference to the original article, or better still,
to a program that embodies some of these principles?

If anyone knows of any other 'bizarre' methods of representing sequences, I'd
like to know about them (I already know about CGR, PUPPY and an A4 page full
of A's, G's, T's and C's  :-> )

Thanks in advance,
Rob Beynon

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