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David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Wed Sep 19 13:53:13 EST 1990

In response to Steve Clark, two points:

In general I think it is a good idea for people to respond to the
newsgroup, but there is one exception that I would note.  If someone
asks a straightforward, non-controversial question (Does anyone have a
mail address for Joe Schulz at NYU?) there is no need for several
responses to be posted publicly.  It is better to just reply to the
individual.  This is obviously a judgement call, but it keeps noise
down if one simply asks first "what are the odds that this info will
be useful to someone else other than the original inquirer?" before
deciding on the route for the response.  This is one reason why
newsgroups are not set up to automatically echo back to everyone.
Unfortunately on LISTSERV mailers where reply to the group is the
default one can raise the opposite objection that one has to readdress
the response to send a private reply.

The header that Steve received from Dave Steffen was somewhat obscure
because the posting originated on USENET software at Steffen's site
instead of starting out as a direct mailing to
bionews at genbank.bio.net.  This is an unfortunate effect of the current
set-up and I will see if we can do something about at least labeling
the newsgroups more clearly when they come from USENET to mail
distribution (on USENET there is no confusion of course).

Regarding changing the newsgroup default reply address, this is
something that we have debated among the BIOSCI managers on several
occasions.  I am not going to repeat all of the pros and cons here
(some have to do with technical issues and standards for the diverse
communications software which comprises BIOSCI), but I can run this up
the flag pole once again.  Don't forget that the "reply all" default
occasionally causes novice users great grief by publicizing something
that was not meant for open consumption.

				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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