Doug Prasher prasher at HYATT.WHOI.EDU
Fri Sep 21 08:12:58 EST 1990

Fellow Netters,

I am encountering a nasty bug with X-windows.

THE PROBLEM: When I exit X-windows and my terminal coincidently 
is unable to communicate with the server (which is not the norm 
but is probably due to network problems) my console becomes useless. 

The definition of `useless':
a string of nonsense characters appears when I type any key.  After 
I kill the console processes (remotely of course), the login prompt
returns but I am unable to login.  The login prompt appears when
I type any key.  The only solution has been to reboot!!!!!

Has anyone encountered this same problem?  Have you worked out any solution?


My terminal is a Sun 3 dataless workstation.  It is connected to a Sun 4
server.  The X-windows programs are mounted on the server but the 
X-windows libraries are mounted on my hard disk.

My primary use for X-windows is to run Steve Smith's sequence 
alignment editor GDE.

Your helpful hints will be appreciated.

Douglas Prasher
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
prasher at hyatt.whoi.edu

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