Legislation/Policy Issue surrounding Genetic Tests

Irene Anne Eckstrand IAE at CU.NIH.GOV
Wed Sep 26 06:39:17 EST 1990

With respect to Anthony's and Joe's comments, I am reminded
of a comment made by Marjory Guthrie (Woody Guthrie's wife).
When asked about the implications of screening for Huntington's
disorder (remember that Woody died of HD), Marjory asked if
the world really would have been better off without Woody, his
music, and his ideas.  Even in the case where eugenics might have
an effect on gene frequency, the case for incentives is pretty

Further, I would like to suggest that we consider thinking about
different forms of a gene as VARIANTS rather than as diseases.

irene eckstrand
iae at nihcu.bitnet

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