Brookhaven PDB Files

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Thu Sep 27 17:24:42 EST 1990

In article <14203 at hydra.gatech.EDU> gt3930c at prism.gatech.EDU (ZUCCOLA) writes:
>Is there a way to anonymous ftp into brookaven to obtain a pdb file? Or 
>is there a mail server running, which will send you a pdb file?

The EMBL is the only place I know of to get pbd without great hassles.
I've tried... I am still waiting after 3 months for authorization to use
the pdb files next door to me in Illinois at ncsa.  Funny that a US
funded database won't make its data accessible to researchers in the US.

Send an email message to NetServ at EMBL.Bitnet of the form:
 HELP ProteinData

-- Don

Don.Gilbert at Iubio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
biocomputing office, indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405, usa

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