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Mon Sep 17 19:11:59 EST 1990

In article <Sep. at>, kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:
> Una, you have approached me about this CONSLINK issue in the past and
> my response remains the same.  Anyone is free to propose a new
> newgroup by sending a proposal to BIONEWS at any time.  We request
> only that the proposer only have sufficient interest to be prepared to
> serve as a moderator (in the sense of someone who stimulates
> discussion ... we do the newsgroup maintenance.).  The proposal is
> then put out to a vote.  If it gets 40 votes in 60 days we create the
> group.  

If Una wants to join a very ACTIVE and moderated list where there is
plenty of VOLUME then perhaps BIOSHP-L would be the list to join.
It is on a LISTSERV in the States.  You can send a mail message to
LISTSERV at UBVM leave the subject line of your message blank and in the main
body of the text write:

subsrcibe BIOSHP-L  Your_full_name 

**** REMEMBER send to LISTSERV at UBVM and not to this list ****

Rob " I don't work I network" Harper

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