What/who is bionet

Fri Sep 21 11:29:16 EST 1990

I have to agree that the traffic in these groups, especially in
the one most closely allied to my interests (.population-bio) is
appallingly slow. I suspect this is due to the lack of overlap
between the "net-world" and the "science-world" for most workers
in my field. Those who are, like me, conversant both with models
of gene flow and how to get on the .net are, I fear, few and far
   One sign of hope here, however, is that we now have the entire
Zoology Department hooked up to the backbone via the macs in every
office. People still have to figure out what prayers to say to the
IBM to get on the net, but it's a start, and there seems to be
some enthusiasm for the project. I say, give it time. The fact
that the bionet.groups exist will draw new users as net-use
among professional scientists becomes a necessity. (But I DO wish
I had gotten at least ONE answer to the query I posted several
months ago on pop-bio....:-| )
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