What/who is bionet

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Fri Sep 14 17:33:03 EST 1990

BIONET was formerly the National Computer Resource for Molecular
Biology, a timesharing service run by IntelliGenetics, Inc. for the
NIH.  As part of its service, BIONET ran a series of bulletin boards
and gatewayed them into USENET under the bionet heirarchy.  Later
BIONET merged with SEQNET in the U.K. and BIOTECH at UMDC to form the
international BIOSCI network which is currently a collaborative effort
between GenBank at IntelliGenetics (which took over the newsgroups
from BIONET after the BIONET grant ended in 1989), SERC labs in
Daresbury, U.K., the Biomedical Center at the University of Uppsala,
Sweden, and the University College Dublin.  Even though BIOSCI is the
new name of the network, for technical reasons the names of the USENET
groups remained under the bionet heirarchy.  There is no formal
organization running BIOSCI; just a group of dedicated souls who stay
in contact by electronic mail and oversee operations at the four main
distribution sites.  You can contact people at each site through the
following addresses if you have questions about BIOSCI/bionet.

Address					Location	Network
-------					--------	-------
biosci at irlearn.ucd.ie			Ireland		EARN/BITNET
biosci at uk.ac.daresbury			U.K.		JANET
biosci at bmc.uu.se			Sweden		Internet
biosci at genbank.bio.net			U.S.A. 		Internet/BITNET

The last address in the list directs mail to me.

				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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