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           Hi Clare,
       Having   maths and physics as a background, perhaps it will be best to
study bio-physics for you. (easier of course..
       For starting,
       i can recommend the following general way;
1. Learn about basic biology and (especially) cell
2. (I have to emphasize here the knowledge of the cell, in basic terms though
3. learn the organization (or so to say ) the anatomy of systema nervosum centr
& perif. (now you see, latin terminology is coming into scene.. just have an
idea about it..
4. Of course, bio-chemistry of the living creatures, perhaps in basic terms, al
so shall be needed, i think..
5.  By the time you will have your way, anyway...
6.  About books:  there are plenty of them, more than you need at yourlibraries
7. ONe more hint: always try to understand and visualize (sometimes by dissecti
ng animals....even) all the knowledge you get..
     Good luck

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