Restriction of access...

Fri Apr 12 07:23:00 EST 1991

We have had a letter as well.

The letter starts "Due to the Gulf War....". Interestingly the list of
excluded countries does NOT include Iraq. It includes places like Latvia....

AFRC is in the same position as Steve Roberts reported. We have many overseas
researchers at our sites: Russian, Polish, Chinese

"We are considering our response"

Cary O'Donnell			Tel: (+44) 582 762271 ext 229
AFRC Computing Division		Fax: (+44) 582 761710
West Common			email: ODONNELL at UK.AC.AFRC.ARCB
Harpenden			(Molecular biology support at AFRCCD)
Herts AL5 2JE
U.K.    			(AFRC = Agricultural & Food Research Council)

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