Tue Apr 30 09:46:43 EST 1991

       I am posting this notice on behalf of ESPCR.

       Chris Cooksey.

       The 3rd Meeting of the European Society of Pigment Cell Research
will be held September 8-11, 1991 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Venue:         Academisch Medisch Centrum
               Medical Faculty
               University of Amsterdam
               Meibergdreef 9
               1105 AZ Amsterdam

The program includes 3 guest lectures, symposia, plenary sessions,
workshops and poster sessions.

There will be commercial exhibitors.

The topics to be addressed include:

Melanin:       neuromelanins, biophysics, biochemistry
Melanocytes:   culture methods, morphology, immunology,
               biology, biochemistry
Pigment disturbances:   vitiligo, nevi, melasma, etc.
Melanotropins: function, MSH-receptors
Melanoma:      markers, growth factors, oncogenes, immunology,
Sunscreens:    natural, artificial
UV-light and pigmentation:   skin types, tanning, color measurements

Information:   Dr Wiete Westerhof, MD, PhD
               Chairman 3rd Meeting ESPCR
               Department of Dermatology
               Academisch Medisch Centrum
               Meibergdreef 9
               1105 AZ Amsterdam
               The Netherlands

               tel : 020-5662757
               fax : 020-5664440

I regret that the email address is not known.

Chris Cooksey.

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