Survey of Core Computing Facilities

Lee G. Kozar kozar at IAGO.CALTECH.EDU
Tue Apr 2 11:30:40 EST 1991

Bruce -
	Your question sounds very familiar.  When I started to set
up the facility at Caltech a few months ago, I asked around also.  I 
also asked about any courses that were being offered in Computational
Methods In Molecular Biology (I wanted to find out what the competition
was teaching before I started designing a course).

	I will send the material I collected (and summarized) to you
via Postal Mail (unless you want the Mac Word 4.0 and Excel files on disk).

	If they don't contact you, you might want to contact Jonathan Arnold
at the University of Georgia, Department of Genetics.  His group is 
setting up a large centralized facility similar to what you invision.
His E-Mail address is arnold%arnold.dnet at

	I will update my local system configuration data sheet and
send the information to you.

	As someone who was born and raised in Claremore Oklahoma, it
is good to see that my old home state is keeping up with the technology.

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