Women's Computer Aided Biomonitor

Brian Mark Yarow byarow at rucs2.sunlab.cs.runet.edu
Tue Apr 9 22:08:44 EST 1991

In article <1991Apr4.103227.13797 at agate.berkeley.edu> 128b-2bn at web-1h.berkeley.edu writes:
>I recently bought a FDA approved women's Computer Aided Biomonitor.  I 
>am very satisfy with the system, and I feel that this state of the art 
>system should be promoted to benefit more women.  The Biomonitor offers
>the following features:
         a)  predicts irrational mood swings.
         b)  emits a signal to all surrouding men, warning them that "a)"
             has occured.

        Wouldn'y that be a dream machine guys!!! 

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