Proposal for new BIOSCI newsgroup: CYTOMETRY

Steve Kelley kelley at
Sat Apr 27 14:58:20 EST 1991

In article <CMM.0.88.672721221.kristoff at>, kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
>We have received a proposal for a CYTOMETRY newsgroup to be added to
>BIOSCI.  The description follows below.  If you are in favor of such a
>newsgroup, please mail a short message saying

I'd like to remind people that there is already an Internet mailing list
for cytometry.  If the newsgroup is created, I would be happy to help
gateway between it and the mailing list.

To join the mailing list, send a note to:

	cyto-request at
Steve Kelley            kelley at

Cancer Center Cytometry Laboratories        (317) 494-8638  -- voice
B050 Hansen LSRB, Purdue University         (317) 494-0517  -- fax
West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907

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