Gore bill - 1991 (from PACS-L)

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Subject: Gore bill - 1991 (from PACS-L)
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Subject: New Gore bill and testimony
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Now available on the Merit Network/NSFNET Information Services machine:
in the directory:   nsfnet

The current version of the Gore bill, S. 272, dated March 14:
  file name:   gorebill.1991-txt

The complete transcript of the March 5, 1991 Hearing on S. 272 of the Senate
Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation; Subcommittee on Science,
Technology and Space:
  file name:   hearing.all-txt

Both are available for anonymous FTP. They may also be retrieved by remote
mail query by sending a message to:
  nis-info at nis.nsf.net
with      send <filename>       as the first line and only text of the

Also available are files containing the individual testimonies of people and
organizations before the committee. For an index of the 13 individual
testimonies, retrieve the file:

by either FTP or remote mail query.

If you have questions or would like more detailed instructions on using the
Merit/NSFNET Information Services machine send a message to:
nsfnet-info at merit.edu

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