BIOSCI Newsgroups - Changes

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Thu Apr 11 22:55:53 EST 1991

To simplify e-mail addressing, the BIOSCI BITNET names have now been
implemented at all four BIOSCI sites.  There is no longer any need to
use Internet addresses at some sites and BITNET addresses at others.
The BIOSCI info sheet (in a subsequent posting) has been revised to
reflect this change.  The Internet addresses are still functional at
both and but they will not be advertised in
the future.  For example, whereas previously one posted to
bio-software at (Internet) and bio-soft at
(BITNET), now one may use the bio-soft at xxx format at any of the four

Four new newsgroups have been added to the BIOSCI newsgroups:

Name:           GENETIC-LINKAGE
Address:        GEN-LINK
USENET:         bionet.molbio.gene-linkage
Description:    discussions about genetic linkage analysis

Name:           ARABIDOPSIS
Address:        ARAB-GEN
USENET:         bionet.genome.arabidopsis
Description:    information about the Arabidopsis genome project

Address:        COMP-BIO
USENET:         bionet.biology.computational
Description:    computer and mathematical applications in biology

Name:           NEUROSCIENCE
Address:        NEUR-SCI
USENET:         bionet.neuroscience
Description:    research issues in the neurosciences

Note that the COMP-BIO newsgroup is moderated, i.e., postings to that
group are directed to the moderators (rather than directly to the
group itself) for later posting.  The moderators are Phil Curtiss of the
University of Maryland (curtiss at and Matthew Witten of
the Unversity of Texas (m.witten at

The NEUROSCIENCE newsgroup follows our usual format but James Olds at
NIH (olds at will be the group discussion leader.  His
task will be to stimulate use of the group.

The ARABIDOPSIS newsgroup is being transferred to BIOSCI from Michigan
State University where it was previously managed by Chris Somerville.
The list at MSU will be shut down shortly.

The GENETIC-LINKAGE newsgroup will be overseen by Steve Bryant of the
Imperial Cancer Research Fund in the U.K.  This group is currently
open but may be changed to a moderated forum in the future.

Instructions on how to post to these newsgroups is provided in the
BIOSCI information sheet which follows in a later posting.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at

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