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FRANCES M. CARDILLO ARF6 at manvax.bitnet
Sun Apr 28 21:07:00 EST 1991

                          presented by

                    The Biotechnology Program
          Manhattan College/College of Mt. St. Vincent
                      Bronx (Riverdale), NY

                       JUNE 3 - 6, 1991

     The  essential aspects and contemporary methods  of  growing
cells in culture will be presented mainly by hands-on  procedures
and some demonstrations.  There will be lectures on the  cultured
cell, monolayer and suspension culture systems, cryogenic preser-
vation,  primary  cell culturing, contemporary  methods  of  cell
identification,  and  cell nutrition.  Hands-on  procedures  will
include pipetting, media preparation and filtration, the  hemocy-
tometer method of cell counting, cryogenic preservation,  cultur-
ing  anchorage  dependent  cells, primary  cell  culturing,  cell
identification  using  immunohistofluoresence,  and  karyotyping.
Demonstrations  on the use of cryogenic equipment, various  types
of  culture vessels, two dimensional gel electrophoresis of  cul-
tured  cell proteins emphasizing labeling, isoelectric  focusing,
polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and autoradiography will  also
be presented.
                          GUEST FACULTY

                            John Ryan
                 University of Connecticut

                      Dr. Peter Del Vecchio
                     Albany Medical College

                         Dr. James Haley
                   College of Mt. St. Vincent/
                  Einstein College of Medicine

For additional information contact the Course Director:
Frances M. Cardillo, Department of Biology, Manhattan College
Mount St. Vincent Campus, Bronx, New York  10471
PHONE: 212-549-8000 ext367                      FAX: 212-549-0915

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