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In article <1991Apr24.194548.16915 at>, roy at (Roy Smith) writes:
> 	I've been asked to find out whatever I can about the Cambridge
> crystalographic database.  A researcher here wants to get some sugar
> structures contained therein.  I need to find out who maintains the
> database, and how you go about accessing it, or getting a copy of it to use
> here.  Any help would be appreciated.
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  In the USA the CSD is distributed by the Medical Foundation in Buffalo to
the academic user community. Version 4 is distributed on 1/2 tape at 6250 or
TK 50's for VAX/VMS.
  The cost of tape distribution and support for user services provided at the 
Medical Foundation at Buffalo will be US$850.- for 1991. For further
information you have to contact: William L. Duax, Medical Foundation of 
Buffalo, Inc., 73 High Street, Buffalo, NY 14203. Telephone: 716-856-9600.
I don't think I have an e-mail for Duax.
If you want information from Cambridge UK directly you can get Frank Allen
by e-mail on FHA1 at


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