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Fri Apr 26 08:34:37 EST 1991

Hello Out There -
	I'm looking for some information for a young friend interested
in bio-science (particularly marine biology).  She is about to go off to
college (undergrad) and has to decide where to go.  Her choice:

1) Randolph Macon - a small (800 students), liberal arts college for women
Its a good school, but I'm not sure about the biology dept.  It is
quite small (3 professors) and doesn't seem (from the course catalog)
to be exceedingly rigourous. There is no chemistry or math requirement
attached to the bio. degree. (There is a general requirement of two
semesters of math - but that it is usual "pre-calc" stuff.  The degree
would be a B.A. rather than a B.S.

2) Yale

I'm concerned that she will have difficulties getting into a good grad
school with a Randolph Macon degree. Any comments?

(I'm a computer type - with degrees in computer science and physics so
I feel out of my field a bit.)

Sharon Stanfill

sharons at juliet.ll.mit.edu

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