Representing DNA/RNA with formal grammars

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>Since I'm not sure which bionet newsgroup to post this to I'll
>try this one.
>Recently, I came across some references to this.  However, they were 1988 and
> 1987 and I was wondering whether anyone knew of more recent references.
>Also I was wonder if there was a general area that this topic falls into?
>(I'm trying to look into this and my searches are coming up blank....)
>Brian Butler
>bb26 at

Much of the work you refer to has been done by David Searls here at
the Center for Advanced Information Technology, Unisys.  Two references are:

	AUTHOR = "David B. Searls",
	TITLE = "Representing Genetic Information with Formal Grammars",
        BOOKTITLE = "Proceedings of the Seventh National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI-88",
	ADDRESS = "San Mateo, CA",
	PUBLISHER = "Morgan Kauffman Publishers, Inc.",
	ORGANIZATION = "American Association for Artificial Intelligence",
	VOLUME = 2,
	PAGES = "386-391",
	YEAR = "1988",
	ANNOTE = " ADDRESS = 2929 Campus Drive, Suite 260 San Mateo, CA 94403"}

	Title="Investigating the Linguistics of DNA with Definite Clause Grammars",
	Publisher="MIT Press",
	Booktitle="Logic Programming: Proceedings of the North American Conference, Vol. 1",

	Editor="E.~Lusk and R.~Overbeek",

He is also preparing a long chapter for a book edited by Larry Hunter (NLM).
You might want to ask David for an advanced copy.  His address is:

Dr. David B. Searls
Center for Advanced Information Technology
70 East Swedesford Rd
Paoli, PA 19301
(215) 648-2146
dbs at
fax: (215) 648-2288

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