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>This illustrates **yet
>again** (sigh) why all of you should dump e-mail as a news source as
>soon as possible and get your systems manager to install a USENET news
>system.  Mail will continue to be vulnerable to loops if people do not
>know how to configure their systems correctly.  I can send information
>about this to whoever is interested.
>				Dave Kristofferson
>				GenBank Manager
>				kristoff at

These bionet groups are the only news groups that regularly have these
problems.  If there is no technical reason that prevents people from switching
to a pure usenet system, then how about making a reasonable deadline for the
switch?  After a certain date news would no longer be sent by mail, perhaps
with the exception of a few 'hardship' cases.  Because of these problems, we
all have to read a lot of junk all the time and it's wasting people's time,
especially yours Dave!  If you can't set a deadline because of a bionet charter
then change the charter.  If you set a deadline, everybody will suddenly be
interested... :-).

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