Restriction of access to sequence data by US Government?

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Apr 11 12:57:35 EST 1991

>   I have just received a letter from GCG claiming the the US Government is
> about to impose restrictions on the shipment of biological data overseas.
> I am asked to sign a letter saying that "neither the technical data nor the
> direct products thereof is intended to be shipped, either directly or
> indirectly..." to a long list of countries. We have collaborations with, and
> occasional visitors from, some of these countries (China, Poland, Hungary).
>   This sounds serious, does anyone know more? Are GCG over-reacting? Or is the
> date of the letter (April 1 1990) significant :-)

This is very curious.  We at GenBank have absolutely no knowledge of
any impending restrictions to this affect.


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				GenBank Manager

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