Women's Computer Aided Biomonitor

cs354- Broward Horne horne at sapphire.idbsu.edu
Fri Apr 12 19:50:23 EST 1991

In article <1991Apr10.030844.10679 at rucs2.sunlab.cs.runet.edu> byarow at rucs2.sunlab.cs.runet.edu (Brian Mark Yarow) writes:
>>system should be promoted to benefit more women.  The Biomonitor offers
>>the following features:
>         a)  predicts irrational mood swings.
>         b)  emits a signal to all surrouding men, warning them that "a)"
>             has occured.
>        Wouldn'y that be a dream machine guys!!! 

          Hell, no!  Who wants to listen to a constant beep all day.
          How about one that beeps when "a)"  ISN'T occuring? :)

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