CA workshop in Finland.

"Robert Harper Finland", CSC HARPER at CSC.FI
Wed Apr 10 08:22:00 EST 1991

                        ADVANCE PROGRAM
                      April 17--18, 1991
           Centre for Scientific Computing, Espoo, Finland


 8.30--9.00    Registration
 9.00--9.15    Opening                                     Risto Nieminen
 9.15--9.45    Basic Properties of Cellular Automata       Jarkko Kari
 9.45--10.45   Excitable Cellular Automata---session 1     David Griffeath
10.45--11.15   Coffee break
11.15--12.15   Self-organized Critical Cellular Automata
               ---session 1                                Per Bak
12.15--13.30   Lunch
13.30--14.20   Excitable Cellular Automata---session 2     David Griffeath
14.20--14.30   Short break
14.30--15.20   Self-organized Critical Cellular Automata
               ---session 2
15.20--16.00   Coffee break
16.00--16.30   Intrinsic Universal Computation of
               One Dimensional Cellular Automata           Bruno Martin
16.30--17.00   Signals in Linear Cellular Automata         Veronique Terrier
17.00--19.00   Video and computer demonstrations
19.00--        Social program


 8.30--9.30    Visualization of Complex Phenomena
               ---session 1                            Clifford A. Pickover
 9.30--10.00   Coffee break
10.00--11.00   A Survey of Lattice Gas and Lattice
               Boltzmann Methods for Hydrodynamics
               ---session 1                            Bruce M. Boghosian
11.00--11.10   Short break
11.10--11.40   Programming Tools for Very Large
               Scale Cellular Computers                Jacqueline Signorini
11.40--12.10   Cellular Automata Model of Space,
               Time, and Matter                        Erkki Kurenniemi
12.10--13.30   Lunch
13.30--14.20   Visualization of Complex Phenomena
               ---session 2                            Clifford A. Pickover
14.20--14.30   Short break
14.30--15.20   A Survey of Lattice Gas and Lattice
               Boltzmann Methods for Hydrodynamics
               ---session 2                            Bruce M. Boghosian
15.20--16.00   Coffee break
16.00--16.20   Modeling of Diffusion                   Daniel Azzi
16.20--16.40   Cellular Automata Simulations of
               Aggregation in Adsorbed Protein Layers  Manne Stenberg
16.40--17.00   Simulating Ionic Crystal Growth         Francis T. Marchese
               Through Cellular Automata               and Jean F. Coppola
17.00--17.15   Closing of the workshop

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