Interesting Journal

Cliff Pickover cliff at WATSON.IBM.COM
Tue Apr 23 06:09:46 EST 1991

For those interested in chaos, fractals and graphics -- the journal
Computers and Graphics has a regular section called "Chaos and Graphics".
This section always has interesting articles and attractive graphics.
This section has been in existence for a few years in this journal.
Here are the articles in the latest issue (Volume 15):
1. "Autumn -- A Recipe for Artistic Fractal Images", by J. Loyless
2. "A Note on Halley's Method", by R. Reeves
3. "A Tutorial on Efficient Computer Graphic Representations of the
    Mandelbrot Set", by R. Rojas

The "Chaos and Graphics" section always has engaging color graphics and
articles for advanced and beginning explorers of this field.  The
publisher is Pergamon Press, Headington Hill Hall, Oxford OX3 OBW UK.
US address: Pergamon Press, Fairview Park, Elmsford, NY 10523.

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