ASTRA Server Announce

Mon Apr 8 12:10:58 EST 1991

First   of  all  we   would   like  to   apologize  for  the
inconvenience that the cross-posting may cause.
As you  might already know ASTRA is the distributed database
server available  to  EARN/BITNET/NETNORTH users.  Its  main
goal is  to let network  users access  the databases without
knowing the real location of the database.
The server is available  via mail or interactive messages to
users of different operating systems.  The server provides a
wide range of databases like informatics,  geology,  health,
The ASTRA Working Group would like to learn  the users ideas
of databases  usage and  availability.  So if you  can spare
five minuts for as and  fill in the questionnaire below,  we
would appreciate it greately. Also please let as know if you
know any database that  can be  added to the ASTRA system of

As  we  are  not  subscribed to the list,  please  send  the
questionnaire to ASTRA at ICNUCEVM.

 --------cut here and send to ASTRA at ICNUCEVM.CNUCE.CNR.IT--------

 1. Do you often use databases for your work (YES/NO) ?

            |       |

 2.  Which database do you use much, why?
     (NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL, Chemical, Geological, Historic, etc)

            |                  |
            |                  |

 3.  How frequent you use a databases ?

            |                         |
            |                         |
            |                         |

 4.  Do you know  of  some database that can be available for the
     network community ?
     (please compile that for each database)

   The Database Name
   The name and network address of the Contact Person
   The location of the database
   The name and network address of the Database Producer

  5.  Please add any information about the data that could be database

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