Women's Computer Aided Biomonitor

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Thu Apr 4 05:32:27 EST 1991

I recently bought a FDA approved women's Computer Aided Biomonitor.  I 
am very satisfy with the system, and I feel that this state of the art 
system should be promoted to benefit more women.  The Biomonitor offers
the following features:

        (a). Specify the time when pregnancy is possible; therefore,
             achieve natural contraception.

        (b). Know pregnancy has occured and the expected due date.
        (c). Avoid a miscarriage due to imperfect secretion of hormone

        (d). Know why the menstruation is delayed - either due to a delay
             of ovulation and another is due to a pregnancy.

        (e). Know if you have ovulation or not.

        (f). Detect gynecic illness.
        (g). Know the expected day of menstruation.

The personal basal body temperature data is stored up to 210 days, and it
only takes 2-3 minutes each morning to obtain the data.

The company is having a close out sale on the last few unitts of the shipment.
Interested people can call (213) 237-7325 for more information.  The 
company is badly needed some distributor for this product.

Please do not reply to this account.  I have nothing to do with this


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