The VOTE continues on CYTOMETRY

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Tue Apr 30 18:11:35 EST 1991

After a few exchanges with the people involved in the CYTOMETRY
proposal, it appears that we will continue with the vote on the
CYTOMETRY newsgroup that was posted a few days back.


                                Dave Kristofferson
                                GenBank Manager

                                kristoff at

Hi Dave,

After talking to the powers-that-be, we would like to go ahead
and start the newsgroup bionet.cytometry. I will talk to Steve
Kelley and set up a collaboration with him where I will post
condensed summaries of the goings-on on the mailing list and where he
would do the same vice-versa. His mailing list is very much geared
towards flow cytometry while we want an even representation of both
image and flow cytometry.

I hope we'll get enough yes votes to start the group.

Thanks for your involvement,
Damir Sudar
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
damir at

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