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Wed Apr 10 19:00:48 EST 1991

This is the first is the series of annual symposia to be
organized by the Cleveland Virology Group.  As more details 
become available, they will be posted on this and other bulletin
boards.  Direct your inquiries to Drs. Nikki Harter or Jon Leis.
In addition, questions may be mailed to:
axa12 at
aiyar at

Ashok Aiyar

                    CLEVELAND VIROLOGY GROUP


                      October 10 - 12, 1991

                           Sessions On

                      * VIRAL ONCOGENESIS
                      * RETROVIRUSES AND AIDS
                      * VIRAL RECEPTORS
                      * VIRAL REPLICATION
                      * PATHOGENESIS

                     Invited Speakers Include

     T. Benjamin (Harvard Medical School)
     I. Chen (UCLA School of Medicine)
     R. Colonno (Merck Sharpe and Dohme)
     N. Cooper (Scripps Clinic)
     B. Cullen (Duke University)
     J. Glorioso (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
     B. Fields (Harvard Medical School)
     P. Howley (NCI/NIH, Bethesda)
     J. Hurwitz (Sloan-Kettering)
     B. Moss (NIAID/NIH, Bethesda)
     P. Palese (Mt. Sinai Medical School)
     V. Racaniello (Columbia University)
     T. Shenk (Princeton University)
     A.M. Skalka (Fox Chase Cancer Center)
     J. Stevens (UCLA School of Medicine)


     The meeting is free to undergraduates, graduate
students, and postdoctoral fellows.  In other cases,
a fee of $20 will be charged.  Pre-registration is
required, and attendance will be limited to 500.


Dr. Nikki Harter               Dr. Jonathan Leis
Dept. of Molecular Biology     Dept. of Biochemistry
Cleveland Clinic Foundation    Case Western Reserve Univ.
Cleveland, OH 44195            Cleveland, OH 44106
Tel. (216) 444-0632            Tel. (216) 368-3360
Fax. (216) 444-9329            Fax. (216) 368-4544
Ashok Aiyar
axa12 at
aiyar at

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